On Resolutions and Thinking Small

When it comes to the New Year, I’m not a big fan of resolutions. For some time now I have been working with “goals” for all twelve months, and the turning of the year makes no difference to me. But I can understand the appeal in taking this time to review accomplishments and setbacks of the past year, and […]


Over the past couple years I have begun to reacquaint myself with my intuition. It’s been an interesting process and is difficult to write about because of the limits of language. But I’d like to give it a shot. For me, inherent in the process of getting in touch with intuition is the feeling that it is a […]

Nature’s Cadence

My horse knows that winter solstice has passed. Even though she has no calendar or modern technology, and appears to simply exist as the short days come and go and the long nights come and go, she knows exactly where the season stands. I could set my calendar to her haircoat. On June 23 each year her tiny […]

It’s Never Too Late

The most recent comment on Therapist Therapy, posted in July of 2012, reads: “3 posts and the year is past it’s half. It seems the war is lost” This comment was in reference to my post I’m Losing the Battle (But Not the War). I had written blog entries in January and February of 2012 and nothing further. I […]


Re-reading my previous blog entry now that I have been on vacation for a week I feel very much removed from the wilted, grey-faced grad student I was just a short time ago.  Getting away has been very therapeutic and has restored the balance I was missing.  I prefer a gentler, more constant balance in […]

I’m Losing the Battle (but Not the War)

Despite my best efforts at maintaining self-care, I have let it slip.  I did well last semester but this semester is just plain kicking my butt!  My day-to-day schedule is so busy I don’t often find time for homework or housework, let alone relaxation or recreation.  I notice it in my poor attitude and low energy level.  I […]